Hints & tips: Managing the number of textbase users

Did you know that Text Works can set a limit to the number of people allowed to open any textbase at one time? When you work on a network, this feature could be useful if you need to limit access to any one textbase for editing reasons.

However, conversely, you might find that the limit has been set to a number that is too small, and network users are not able to access the textbase simultaneously, even though it is not intended to be limited. In this case you would see a message like this:

For a master password user it is very easy to change this setting.

• Open the textbase in Text Works

• Go to Maintain > Edit Textbase Structure

• Look for the button labelled “Maximum Users…

• Click the button and change the setting shown, click OK to save the change

• Click OK to exit the Edit Textbase Structure screen

Note: This setting is independent of the number of licensed users set for your software installation, which you can see when you click on Help – About DB/Text Works (not relevant to DB/Text Works for SQL)