Presto 3.8 released

Inmagic, Inc. recently released Presto 3.8. One of the key new enhancements is query logging and reporting. A new Event type has been added that logs queries. The Event Log Report tracks the query itself, which Content Types were queried, how many records were found and who was the user. Event log reports can now be filtered by a date range. Some of the other new features and enhancements include:


  • Ability to Export (all, or by id/name) and Import (new or Replace Property) report definitions using normal export request XML files.
  • Enhanced report writer now available.


  • New Profile Filters feature to allow you to restrict user access to specific field values. For example, you can assign multiple users to the same role, so they have the same permissions, but allow them to edit only the records they added, not anyone else’s records. Or you can restrict users to different security levels, so some users can see Public and Internal records, while others can see only Public records.
  • DOWNLOAD (save as PDF or HTML) and DOWNLOAD XML are now separate permissions.
  • Roles are now sorted alphabetically by Name on the Configure Roles page and Add Roles pop-up window.

Content Type settings

  • A new Application Setting that permits you to automatically populate new records in a specific Content Type with field values from the Profile record of the user who adds the record.
  • Edit Screens now support the ability to add Comments, so that if you are editing a record you do not need to return to the Detail Screen to comment on the record.
  • Content Relations – You can now relate a content type to itself (for example, to implement “see also” functionality).

For more information on Presto go to, or contact Maxus or your local supplier.