Presto 4.3 released : Enhanced search and mobile features plus more

The recent release of Presto 4.3 includes great new features and enhancements which “are a direct result of input from [Inmagic] customers”.   At Maxus, we look forward to supporting our current Presto and Presto for DB/Text users to take advantage

of these updates, and to showing them off to those not yet running Presto or Presto for DB/Text.

Some of the key new features released are : Mobile web site, SEO, Home Page enhancements, Browse Choices now available in the Advanced Search screen/s, various Search Results enhancements, the ability to Save searches and more!

Further details about these and other new features in this release are provided below.

Mobile web site: Users need access to content from a variety of devices including mobile phones, tablets, as well as PCs. With the new Presto mobile website capability, users can now access your valuable content from most mobile platforms including Apple iPhones and iPads, Windows phones and tablets, and Android phones and tablets.  This capability to configure for mobile devices includes the ability to specify the appearance of the mobile Home page, which Content Types to search for on the mobile site, and how many records to display initially in search results. Default mobile Record Layouts are provided for each Content type which demonstrate responsive design, including how to hide fields depending on the orientation (portrait/landscape) of the mobile device. 

SEO to enable major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to index individual records in the Presto database.

Home Page enhancements:

  • Quick Search widget – Now has the ability to select which Content Types and fields to search.
    Tag Cloud widget – Permits you to display all the tags in the system on the Home page.
  • RSS Feed widget – RSS feeds generated using the Search Results page can now use the permissions of the logged-in user to easily share RSS feeds across users without exposing them to information they should not see.
  • Photo Slide Show control:  This has been updated with the ability to display an image of the first page of PDF files, and to skip records that do not have images.
  • Multiple Home Pages:  Permalinks to Home pages so you can link directly to a specific Home page from a Presto menu item, Home page widget, or link external to Presto (e.g., on your intranet).

Browse Choices: This is a favorite of our DB/TextWorks customers. It enables searchers to look into the database and view the values in the field before searching, eliminating guesswork on the part of searchers and helping users find the information they seek.

Search Results:

  • After a Quick Search that retrieves records from multiple Content Types, the Search Results page now includes a “Limit results to…” drop-down list at the top, allowing you to limit the display to the Content Types you select.
  • Guided Navigation Enhancements:
    • Facet values (check boxes) are now available for numeric fields
    • Facet values can be sorted in descending order, eg display more recent entries first.
    • You can control the total number of facets users can see by clicking Show More

Saved searches: With this feature, users have the ability to save a search strategy for reuse at a later time. Searches can be saved as Private (for your use only) or Public (shared).

Reports : When viewing a report, there are options on the Save menu that permit you to specify, for example, which pages to include, and which field separator to use for CSV output.  The Report Designer includes several new features

TextWorks Connector system update :  The TextWorks Connector, which allows Presto to index TextWorks databases, has been updated to support an easier and faster method for the initial indexing of TextWorks content.  Additionally, we have made network usage more robust.

Presto 4.3 is supported on Windows Server 2012 R2.

Customers and partners can access Presto 4.3 on the Presto Knowledgebase at