“Presto for DB/Text” announced

Maxus is pleased to introduce a new Inmagic product that will bring advanced web publishing capabilities to DB/TextWorks clients. The new product, “Presto for DB/Text,” is a limited version of Inmagic Presto , that will enable many new web publishing capabilities for DB/Text, while allowing textbases to continue to be created and maintained in DB/TextWorks. Presto for DB/Text will work with both SQL and non-SQL versions of DB/TextWorks.

A few of the capabilities provided by Presto for DB/Text include:

  • The ability to easily search across all textbases at once and display results in one view;
  • The ability to provide custom home pages to securely deliver different content to different audiences;
  • Support for SDI initiatives with email alerts and RSS feeds;
  • Integration of social features such as tagging, ratings and comments;
  • The ability to select and act on multiple search results items including Info-Cart, Email, Print or Save;
  • Advanced image handling including auto-thumbnail and gallery views without programming;
  • And much, much more…

Presto for DB/Text has been designed for customers that require advanced web publishing capabilities without the need for custom programming, which is often necessary when using Web Publisher Pro. Presto for DB/Text gives DB/Text customers an additional option for publishing information to the Internet or their intranet.

Presto for DB/Text will also include additional optional features that can be purchased now or at a later time. Some of these features include:

  • SharePoint  integration;
  • Federated search (e.g., the ability to search an external database such as EBSCO while simultaneously  searching a DB/Text database);
  • SSO via Active Directory;
  • Integration capabilities via a published WCF API;
  • And the ability to add and create native Presto databases / content types.

Contact us to learn more about the Presto for DB/Text solution and take advantage of Inmagic’s limited-time, discounted introductory pricing.