Six Essentials for a Successful KM Solution Implementation

Implementing a Knowledge Management (KM) solution can be tricky. A well architected and implemented KM system will inform, educate and delight your end users, while a poorly implemented KM system can create more problems than it solves.

Many organizations leap into a KM system without first considering common pitfalls and critical success factors.  Lucidea has implemented thousands of successful KM systems, including solutions for NASA, Owens Corning, Kemin Industries, Gulfstream, Toyota and many other industry leading organizations around the world.

The recording of this interactive session is your chance to learn about best practices and common mistakes, so that you increase your ability to successfully implement a KM system. In this webinar these six critical KM questions were answered:

  • If you build it, will they come?  Learn the secrets of creating visually appealing web portals.
  • Does it need to be as easy to use as Amazon?  Discover how to enable a powerful search and discovery experience that remains easy to use.
  • Will your users be able to access the content they need, when they need it?  Learn key tips to improve how users find and access content.
  • Can your users do more than just “find” content?  Review simple methods for increasing the value of your information and accelerating its use.
  • How important is integrating with existing resources and infrastructure to increase the value of your solution?  Learn the importance of leveraging existing resources and infrastructure.
  • Have you considered the kind of vendor you will need when implementing and maintaining your KM system?  Understand how to choose a KM vendor and partner for success.