Social KN adoption best practice

The key to the success of any new technology initiative is adoption. The most difficult step is bridging the gap between early adopters and the early majority. Inmagic has found several similarities among clients that have enabled them to successfully implement and facilitate adoption of Social Knowledge Networks (SKNs). The learnings and strategies have been documented in Inmagic’s latest white paper.

In this paper, Bob Warren (Inmagic Vice President of Products) lays out some proven best practices for encouraging and facilitating adoption that he has noticed surfacing among companies as they build adoption of their SKNs across their teams, departments and organisations. This is a practical collection of do’s and don’ts, drawn from Inmagic customers’ experiences together with industry research.

This white Paper Social Knowledge Networks: Adoption Strategies and Best Practices can be downloaded from our Inmagic White paper page. Note: You will need to register or login – then go to Resources>Inmagic White Papers and click on the paper’s title, “Social Knowledge Networks — Adoption Strategies and Best Practices.” The paper will begin downloading. (Registration gives you access to all Inmagic’s white papers and other Maxus resources). More information on Inmagic’s blog