Version 13 of Inmagic DB/Text for SQL released

DB/Text Works for SQL version 13 was released on December 6th, giving users of DB/Text Works and Web Publisher Pro on the SQL platform access to the features already added to the traditional Text Works software.

These include:

In Text Works

  • Query logging. The ability to log queries processed by a textbase, similar to the equivalent feature in WebPublisher PRO, is now possible with DB/TextWorks.
  • Fields from linked textbases can be exported.
  • Run-time version. DB/SearchWorks Run-time has been updated to v13.
  • New help format. DB/TextWorks online help is now using a WebHelp format.
  • Larger recent-textbase list (now up to 15 textbases).
  • Taller field list when designing a textbase. More fields appear on the screen where fields and their properties are designed.

In Web Publisher Pro

  • Compatible web Browsers now include: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8; Mozilla FireFox 3.6.x; Safari 5 and later and Google Chrome 10 and later.
  • InmagicBrowse includes a new find-as-you-type feature.
  • InmagicBrowse hides controls that offer no opportunity to take action.

In addition DB/Text Works and Web Publisher Pro for SQL can be installed on Windows 2008 32 bit or 64 bit.