New Maxus Helpdesk conditions

Special Offer and New Conditions of use for Maxus Helpdesk in 2016

During 2016 we have a special offer to customers on current software maintenance:

4 free 15 minutes call credits equivalent to the value of 1 hour or $165, to use any time from now to the end of 2016. These credits are in addition to the free support for software issues covered by your annual maintenance. You can use these credits to obtain quick answers to consulting queries (up to 15 minutes each), or you can add them together for one longer session. (If on site attendance is required, travel costs may be charged.)

All helpdesk calls are free to those on current maintenance.

If you are not on current maintenance but require software support, you can get help by:

Taking out a subscription:
Up to 4 x up to 15 minute calls $159.50 inc GST
Up to 8 x up to 15 minute calls $281.60 inc GST

Calls to be used up before the end of 2016


Using the casual call rate:
$44 inc GST per call up to 15 minutes

Consulting charges:
$1200 ex GST per day, or $150 ex GST per hour
Prepaid $990 inc GST per day, or $123.75 inc GST per hour to be used within 3 months