Tip: F3 to browse your textbase entries or validation

DB/TextWorks® or DB/TextWorks for SQL users often do not realise that they can use F3 or use the Browse Choices icon to browse through the contents of the fields in your textbases in the query screen or to check the values of a validation list when editing or adding records.  The F3 or ‘Browse Choices’ icon displays a list of items that you may want to type or paste in a box. The content of the list depends on context.

Browse Choices in a Query (Search) Screen
In the Query window, the Query Choices Browser displays information that you can paste as search criteria such as a list of terms, words, thesaurus terms, and/or saved sets. Pasting is often quicker and more accurate than typing.

When you choose the Browse Choices option (icon or ‘F3’ key) with your cursor in a box in a Query Screen, a list of indexed words or terms will be displayed.  The Choices List shows you the index entries for the field whose name is displayed in the Field drop-down list.  The number at the beginning of each index entry indicates the number of records in the textbase that contain the entry.

Editing Choices Browser (F3)
In the Edit window, the Editing Choices Browser dialogue box shows any validation of the chosen field  such as a validation list, substitution list, links (terms from the associated field in the secondary textbase), and/or a thesaurus.  This provides a convenient way of adding entries to new or existing records, and of seeing what entries are allowed in a field.

When you choose the Browse Choices option (icon or ‘F3’ key) with your cursor in a box for a field with validation in an Edit form, the Editing Choices Browser dialogue box will appear.    As with a Browse Choices dialogue when searching, you can browse the list and paste entries from it using the Editing Choices Browser.  This saves keystrokes and ensures accuracy.
For more information, download the Maxus tip document.