The Magic Continues!

On 5 November 2014 Inmagic announced a special offer for the purchase of Presto for DB/TextWorks and Presto for DB/TextWorks Cloud valid until 31 December 2014. View Inmagic’s  The Magic Continues! webinar for information and a live demonstration, or explore the links in this post.

 Contact Maxus or your local Inmagic supplier for details of the special offer

Don’t just publish – publish well!

Benefits of Presto for DB/TextWorks include

  • Advanced web publishing to intranet or internet
  • Build and maintain your textbases using DB/TextWorks
  • Powerful, cost effective alternative to Web Publisher Pro with many features not available in Web Publisher Pro

 Some Presto for DB/TextWorks Features:

  • Faceted Search / Guided navigation
  • Federated Search (e.g. subscription databases)
  • Browsable directories (information pathways)
  • Push alerts (email or RSS)
  • Mobile interface
  • SharePoint integration
  • Active directory integration
  • Social capabilities (Comments, ratings, forums, etc)

 Presto for DB/TextWorks Cloud benefits

  • Use DB/TextWorks at your desk, publish to the web via the cloud
  • Eliminate IT dependencies & headaches
  • Easily publish your textbases on the web
  • Internal Portal, external publishing,
  • State-of-the-art Hosting Infrastructure
  • Secure, Accessible and Available
  • No incremental hardware/software costs
  • Upgrades and Technical Support included